I punched a Nazi (((and I liked it)))

I punched a Nazi (((and I liked it))) was one of our ambitious works. It played at the Michael Pilch Studio in February 2019. Earlier that year, our director saw men performing Nazi salutes in Oxford, outside Steve Bannon’s talk at the Oxford Union. The video was sold to the press, and it funded our show.

We wanted to address fascism and the radicalisation of young white men. We also wanted to write a love story. About Nazis.

What happened next was a 3 hour play in two acts. Live goldfish in blenders, live videos on 60” LCD screens, Bertolt Brecht as a woman, and three real Tinder profiles. We wrote a love story, but was it enough?

I punched a Nazi (((and I liked it))) was unapolagetically queer, accessible, Jewy, and loud. It sold out at the Michael Pilch studio and a 20-minute monologue from the play was performed by Alasdair Linn at the Old Fire Station in May 2019.

Ensemble: Alasdair Linn, Ben Millard, Eleanor D’Souza, Hannah Patient, Pelin Morgan, and Stevie Polywka

Written and directed by Amitai Landau-Pope

Produced by Mrinmoyee Roy

Assistant directed by Katie Walton

Photographed by Ben Darwent